Cabrillo Dance Marathon 2017

Our Top 10 Fundraisers:

Rank Name Amount
#1 Abigail Thompson $1,470.00
#2 Laura Leininger $1,020.00
#3 Luca de la Peña $841.00
#4 Calista Loter $750.00
#5 Michelle Elkin $500.00
#6 Taylor Thomas $452.00
#7 Talia Lebowitz $405.00
#8 Lilly Thompson $270.00
#9 Raffle ticket $245.00
#10 Eden Meyers $190.00


5-6 pm Thousand Oaks DJ Company  
6-7 pm Pizza Party
7-8 pm Musical Theatre Dance Mix with Lynne Garvin
8-9 pm Thousand Oaks DJ Company  
9-10 pm Thousand Oaks DJ Company & Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat cast hour  
10-11 pm Thousand Oaks DJ Company  
11-12 am Dancing  
12-1 am
1-2 am
2-3 am
3-4 am
4-5 am
5-6 am
6-7 am
7-8 am Aerobics with Christy Rosen Doughnut and Coffee hours
8-9 am Zumba with Idavis Garcia
9-10 am Sister Act Chroeography Amanda Carr  
10-11 am Evita & Peter Pan Choreography Cheryl Baxter  
11-12 pm  
12-1 pm Jazz with Melissa Cassidy  
1-2 pm Dancing  
2-3 pm  
3-4 pm  
4-5 pm  


I’ve Registered For the Dance Marathon, What Do I Do Now?

Let Everyone Know What You are Doing!


Visit our image download page on Dojiggy:
  • Facebook cover image
  • Image for Facebook posting
  • Image for Instagram posting
  • Participation badge for your personal website
  • Printable donation postcards and pledge forms 
  • Sample emails and thank you letters to customize


Visit this link to download:
  • Dance Marathon frame for your Facebook profile


Share your Dojiggy Pledge Page directly from the Dojiggy website


Ask everyone you know to support you in your dancing efforts
  • Use sample emails directly from your Dojiggy pledge page.
  • Let everyone know what you are raising money for by sharing about Cabrillo Music Theatre’s Outreach Programs (included in this PDF)
  • Let people know why Cabrillo Music Theatre is special to you.
  • Ask friends, Grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, school teachers, dance teachers, voice teachers, acting teachers, exercise instructors, camp counselors, coworkers, your Sensei, businesses you frequent


Here are more fundraising ideas to get you started
  • Have a yard sale, lemonade stand or car wash and donate your earnings
  • Do you babysit or walk dogs? Consider working one of your jobs in honor of Cabrillo.
  • Do you work full time? Donate your earnings from one hour of work.
  • Go caroling in the summer, but instead of holiday songs, sing show tunes - and don’t forget to bring along a home-made donation can so people can drop in a few dollars after you wow and entertain them.
  • Offer some sort of challenge on social media. You decide what it is (maybe something like creating a caption for a photo you post, or thinking up a name for your new kitten, etc.) Then you judge the responses and offer to make a donation to Cabrillo Music Theatre in their name as their prize.

What Do I Do On the Day of the Event?

When You Arrive at the Dance Marathon, The Security Table Will Be Your First Stop
  • Check in with security
  • Receive your wristband and dance timecard
  • Sign a waiver
Personal Belongings check-in
  • You may check your purse, bag, or other personal items at the bag check area of the Security Table.
What to Bring
  • A refillable water bottle
  • Extra socks
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Bandaids
  • Phone
  • Phone charger
Post on Social Media
Throughout the event post pictures and updates on your social media. Let people know how hard you are working to raise money and how much fun you are having. Ask your friends to come dance with you for an hour or two. Post how many hours you’ve danced and encourage people to sponsor you by the hour. You can still collect pledges during and up to a week after the event!
Your Dancing Hours Will Be Tracked
When you arrive at the Security Desk, you will receive a time card. Please bring this to the tracking table to start tracking your hours. When you leave the dance room, turn your time card in at the Security Desk. Every 15 minutes, your time card, if present at the tracking table, will receive a stamp. At the end of the event, stamps will indicate how many hours you danced. You may leave and re-enter but only your largest set of cumulative hours will be counted toward your per hour fundraising.

What Am I Raising Money For?

Cabrillo Music Theatre’s Outreach Programs
Cabrillo Kids
Formed from a half-dozen children in the summer of 2007, the program now boasts upward of 60 children, all of whom must audition to become part of the group. Unlike other children's performing groups, there are no fees to participate in the Cabrillo Kids, and throughout the year, the Kids are taught songs and scenes to perform around the community. The Cabrillo Kids play a leading role in our entertainment for the Military and Older Americans, allowing Cabrillo to share a fundamental education: the act of performance as giving.
American Sign Language Performances
Cabrillo Music Theatre presents a signed performance for the deaf and hard-of-hearing for each production. This performance, which takes place on the first Saturday matinee of each run, also contains an educational component. Professional signers are paired with students, learning the craft of signing musicals through their participation with Cabrillo Music Theatre. Cabrillo Music Theatre maintains its commitment to making musical theatre accessible for everyone.
Military Outreach
Every December, Cabrillo Music Theatre presents a specially-prepared show for the U.S. Military and their families at the Naval Base Ventura County. Our Annual Show features Cabrillo stars from past shows, our youth performance groups, Santa Claus, and other holiday characters, performing in an 800-seat movie theatre on the base, converted for the evening into a holiday show celebration. The Holiday Show for the Troops is just one facet of Cabrillo Music Theatre's nationally-recognized commitment to the military: All active members of the military and their families see all Cabrillo shows free of charge; Cabrillo provides entertainment at the region's Annual Navy Ball; and Cabrillo singers sing our National Anthem at significant Navy events, such as 9/11 memorial ceremonies and retirement events. Cabrillo is always looking for new ways to expand commitment to the Military in any way possible.
The ADOPT-A-SCHOOL program has provided free tickets for thousands of students in underserved schools, allowing new generations to enhance their educations through musical theatre. In addition to providing tickets to public performances, Cabrillo has presented mid-week student matinees of several productions. Study Guides to most Cabrillo shows are made available to all local teachers and educators, and Cabrillo Music Theatre has become a favorite local destination for students seeking "extra credit." This past Spring, we partnered up with the local Boys and Girls Club of Conejo Valley as well as other underserved student centers, to bring students to a special matinee performance of Disney's The Little Mermaid.
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