Cabrillo Dance Marathon 2017

Why dance 24 hours anyway?

Because It’s fun! What a sense of accomplishment you will have after completing the whole marathon! Most importantly, some of your donors may have agreed to pledge money based on how long you dance so the more hours you are on your feet on the dance floor the more money you will raise! 

How do we keep track of your hours?

When you arrive at the Security Desk, you will receive a time card. Please bring this to the tracking table to start tracking your hours. When you leave the dance room, turn your time card in at the Security Desk. Every 15 minutes, your time card, if present at the tracking table, will receive a stamp. At the end of the event, stamps will indicate how many hours you danced. You may leave and re-enter but only your largest set of cumulative hours will be counted toward your per hour fundraising.

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